Exploring the Rheumatology Lab

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Your Online Rheumatology Resource Hub

The Rheumatology Research Foundation recently launched the Rheumatology Lab, a patient-centered platform featuring a variety of rheumatology resources. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, clinician, or simply looking to get involved in the rheumatology community, discover what you’ll find across our new platform.

Unlock the right rheumatology resources for you

Patients and Caregivers

The Rheumatology Lab helps fill a crucial gap in patient and caregiver resources. In this section, you’ll find the following content:

  • FAQ: Newly diagnosed with a rheumatic disease and need help finding a provider? Curious about participating in a clinical trial? Get answers to common rheumatology questions.
  • Award Recipients: View the Foundation’s 2023 class of Award Recipients. Their work is vital to creating a better future for all those impacted by rheumatic disease.
  • Active Trials: Browse a list of current clinical trials from around the world.
  • Glossary: Find explanations of complex rheumatology terms in our searchable glossary.
  • Articles: Read how the Foundation is working to address workforce shortages, improve access to patient care and more.

Clinicians and Professionals

The Foundation empowers rheumatology clinicians and professionals to educate patients about our ongoing efforts in the field. This section contains downloadable printable materials to display and share with your patients in addition to the latest rheumatology news.

Discover how Foundation-funded research is transforming patient lives

Watch an animated video explaining the Foundation’s vital role in the rheumatology research process and browse our active projects.

Find information and inspiration from across the rheumatology community

Explore the latest rheumatology breakthroughs and get to know the researchers behind them by watching our “Meet the Investigator” and “Researching the Researcher” video series.

Here you’ll also find information about our #RheumChampion program. Launched in 2020, the initiative amplifies the voices of rheumatology patients and caregivers across the country. Get to know each of our #RheumChampions and learn how you can join the program. Current champions can download Foundation materials to share on your personal channels.

Our funding priorities

The Foundation’s mission is to advance research and training to improve the health of patients living with rheumatic disease. Our awards portfolio supports this mission by focusing on four funding priorities: recruitment, education & training, career development and innovative research.

Rheumatology research in the news

Explore the latest research news and insights from across the field of rheumatology.

Share your thoughts

We value your feedback and invite you to fill out the form at the bottom of the Rheumatology Lab homepage to let us know what content or information you would like to see.