Meet the Investigator: Megan Clowse

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Megan Clowse, MD, MPH

Duke University

Innovative Research Award

Moving the ACR’s Reproductive Health Guidelines into Practice

Dr. Clowse is better equipping community rheumatologists to provide guidlines on reproductive healthcare to women with lupus. By utilizing the RISE Registry , Dr. Clowse is working with providers to start documenting contraception and pregnancy in patients to improve our ability to help women with rheumatic disease plan for pregnancies.

This project will better equip rheumatologists to ensure people with rheumatic disease are able to have happy and healthy pregnancies.

“It is essential that we help guide them to well-planned and carefully managed pregnancies so they can really live the lives they want and have the families they desire.”

To hear more from Dr. Clowse, watch the video above.

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