New Diagnosis, Now What?

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If you’re a newly diagnosed rheumatology patient, you may be tempted to seek out as much information as you can on the internet. Rheumatology professionals say it’s important to remember not all of that information is reliable.

“We all know Dr. Google doesn’t work so well.” – Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH

Patients should speak with a medical professional before acting on anything they’ve found in their own research.

While a rheumatic disease diagnosis can be scary, it’s a journey physicians and patients are on together. Patients should be honest and open to be able to pursue the best path forward.

“When you’re given a new diagnosis, you have a million questions. Push for answers to those questions.” – Ellen Gravallese, MD

These interviews with Rheumatology Research Foundation-funded investigators were conducted at the 2023 Investigators Meeting, which brings together researchers to share ideas and discuss the latest advancements in the field.