The Patient/Rheumatologist Relationship

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“The relationship that rheumatologists have with their patients is very gratifying because we get to know them over a long period of time.” – Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH 

In this video, rheumatologists discuss how trust and openness are important parts of establishing a successful physician-patient relationship. Patients should be open with their physician to get the best treatment for whatever stage they’re in of their rheumatic disease journey.

This is a path that you’re on together with your rheumatologist so ask the questions as they come up. – Anna Helena Jonsson, MD, PhD

It’s important for patients to advocate for themselves and understand why they are receiving particular treatments.

“The most productive patient-provider relationships are those ones where you’re a team and have back and forth conversation rather than a physician-centered approach.” – Tate Johnson, MD

These interviews were conducted at the 2023 Investigators Meeting. This annual event provides an opportunity for Foundation-funded researchers to get together, share updates on their active projects, and discuss the latest advancements in the field.